Specialized Boy's Hotwalk Red/White/Black Hotwalk

Art.Nr.  B4E0-0705

Farbe: Red/White/Black
Größe: Hotwalk

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If we're being honest with ourselves learning to ride back in the day bordered on a traumatic event. The crashes oh the crashes. These days however kids have it easy with awesome little bikes like our Boy's Hotwalk.

With no pedals or gears it's designed to help Junior finds his balance by making it as easy as possible to put his feet down. In fact scooting around with his feet is how the bike moves (outside of gravity) so he'll get used to the feeling of riding without much of the risk.

Even better for you there isn't much that can break should the bike hit the deck on the pump track so there's less maintenance then with a "traditional" bike. That's right you get parental hero status and they have the time of their lives while learning to ride. Win-win.

Dynamo: 12" alloy, 16mm depth, 21mm internal width
Dämpfer: Hi-Ten steel, 1" threaded steerer, 3/8" axle dropouts
Gepäckträger: Bolt-on, 95mm spacing, loose ball bearings, 16h
Laufrad hinten: Rhythm Lite, 30 TPI, wire bead, 12x2.0"
Kettenkasten: Steel, 400mm, 10-degree backsweep, 22.2mm
Ladegerät: Specialized, slip-on
Lenkerband/Griffe: Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum, 1" threaded headset
Lenkergriffe: Specialized Kids'
Motor: Steel, 22.2mm
Pedale: Bolt-type, 25.4mm
Sattelstütze: Schrader valve, bent type
Schalthebel: Stainless, 14g
Speichen: Bolt-on, 95mm spacing, loose ball bearings, 16h
Steuersatz: Rhythm Lite, 30 TPI, wire bead, 12x2.0"
Lenkervorbau: Bolt-on, 95mm spacing, loose ball bearings, 16h

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* = Pflichtangabe