Specialized Mountain Mid Socks Light Grey/Monster Green Large/X-Large

Art.Nr.  64716-7134

Farbe: Light Grey/Monster Green
Größe: Large/X-Large

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14,90 EUR
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Life shouldn't be lived on the fringes of polarized extremes and neither should your sock length. Yes there is a world where performance comfort and durability exist between the confines of knee-length and ankle socks and it's called our Mountain Mid Socks.

They have a moderate four-inch cuff height and feature a lightweight blend of our VaporRize™ and Merino yarns. These yarns work in tandem to naturally control temperatures manage sweat buildup and fight odor. In other words they're comfortable. And to further ensure this we've included a mid-foot arch support and a light underfoot cushion to help absorb vibration and chatter from the trail.

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