Specialized RBX Sport Long Sleeve Jersey Neon Yellow/Black Large

Art.Nr.  64116-8624

Farbe: Neon Yellow/Black
Größe: Large

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Ultra-warm jackets are well and good but more often than not you'll be reaching for a long sleeve jersey come wintertime. Simple and versatile a piece like our RBX Sport Long Sleeve Jersey will serve you well when the mercury begins to drop.

Constructed from our VaporRize™ knit fabrics the RBX Sport features a light level of insulation that makes it perfect as a standalone jersey in fair conditions or as a layering piece when conditions get at or near freezing. And to make sure of it this material also wicks moisture away from the skin incredibly well while also maintaining high levels of breathability. Altogether this means that you'll be riding in a sustainable microclimate that's free from large spikes in either direction of the thermometer.

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