Specialized Sleeveless Tech Layer White XXL

Art.Nr.  64114-0716

Farbe: White
Größe: XXL

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Versatility and consistency are fundamental elements to achieving comfort during your ride and nothing delivers these more than our Sleeveless Tech Layer.

The science behind it is pretty simple. The base layer is comprised of our lightweight VaporRize™ mesh fabrics that are extremely lightweight and pull moisture away from the skin to distribute it across a large surface area where it can be rapidly evaporated. So when you think about it no moisture buildup means that you won't experience any clammy chills as a result of dramatic temperature swings and your skin jersey or jacket are going to remain dry in order to leave you comfortable.

To further this the Tech Layer has been given a cycling-specific cut that's designed to accommodate the motions of cycling. And when coupled with the soft puff stitching chafing and rubbing will become a thing of the past.

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