Specialized Women's RBX Comp Shorty Shorts Black Medium

Art.Nr.  642E-0653

Farbe: Black
Größe: Medium

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Add up all of a pair of cycling shorts' favorable characteristics and you'll end up with our Women's RBX Comp Shorty Shorts. They're purpose-built for heightened comfort over the long haul making them perfect for anyone who doesn't shy away from gravel at the end of the road. And in case you were wondering where the "Shorty" comes in this model features a shortened inseam that's around two inches shorter than what's found on its sister model the RBX Comp Shorts.

They're made from a knit version of our venerable VaporRize™ fabrics which adds to the durability of the shorts without sacrificing any breathability or moisture wicking capabilities. The materials are also extremely soft against the skin which is a sensation that's furthered by the fold-over leg cuff. Along these lines this cuff at the leg opening features an ever so slight silicone print that prevents the shorts from shifting throughout your pedal stroke.

For the chamois we used a higher volume women's-specific insert to promote the shorts' intended purpose: long rides in total comfort. This means that you'll receive a fair amount of extra support and bump absorbency over rough roads which will help to alleviate pressure on the soft tissue and nerves over the course of the day.

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