Tarmac Sl6 Sw Disc Frmset Wc Carb/Flored/Wht Gr.49cm Anna van der Breggen

Art.Nr.  77019-0449

Anna van der Breggen als Weltmeisterin im Straßenrennen 2018

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Geschlecht: Damen
Produktfamilie: Tarmac

The Tarmac has a long heritage of monumental race wins, and it’s no stranger to the taking
home the coveted rainbow stripes. And in celebration of Anna van der Breggen’s 2018 
World Championship title, we’ve developed this limited-edition S-Works Tarmac Disc. It’s 
the perfect way to channel your inner world champion.

•  Featuring our Rider-First Engineered™ design that ensures every frame size has the 
same legendary climbing responsiveness and descending prowess you’d expect from a 
Tarmac. The S-Works FACT 12r frame is our highest quality carbon frame, offering the  
ideal blend of light overall weight and targeted stiffness.

•  S-Works full FACT carbon fork with a tapered construction provides incredible 
front-end stiffness and steering response for instantaneous accelerations and high-
speed descents.

•  A legendary CeramicSpeed bottom bracket ensures that you’re saving every last 
precious watt.

SIZE                             49cm
SPECS                          Specifications subject to change without notice. 
FRAME FACT 12r carbon fiber,     Rider-First Engineered™, OSBB, clean routing, internally integrated seat clamp, 12x142mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc
FORK                           S-Works FACT 12r carbon, 12x100mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc
SEATPOST                   S-Works FACT carbon Tarmac seatpost, 20mm offset
BOTTOM BRACKET   OSBB, CeramicSpeed bearings

Anna  van  der  Breggen  put  her  stamp  on 
history  this  year  by  being  the  first  rider  to 
win  the  World  Championships  on  a  disc-
brake-equipped  road  bike,  her  S-Works 
Tarmac  SL6  Disc.  And  in  celebration  of  her 
accomplishment, we created a limited-edition 
frameset for Anna.
In  addition  to  Anna’s  personal  bike,  we’re 
offering 250 of these limited-edition framesets 
for sale, and they’re now available globally.  
“The design we created for Anna pays tribute 
to the colors of her new jersey in a loud and 
exciting  way—just  like  her  race  victory.  We 
combined several elements from years past to 
put  a  new  spin  on  what  a  World  Champion’s 
bike  could  look  like.  An  energetic  explosion 
of color in an all-over frame application draws 
the eye from front to back, giving the frame an 
element of speed while maintaining its brash 
‘In  Your  Face’  style.  Just  like  in  years  past, 
we kept the design a secret until it was time 
to  unveil  it  to  Anna,  leaving  her  with  no  idea 
of  what  to  expect.  As  always,  a  big  thanks 
goes  to  Anna  for  giving  us  the  opportunity 
to  create  another  World  Champion’s  bike.” 
- Ron Jones, Designer

“The  race  was  amazing.  I  decided  to  ride 
the  Tarmac  Disc  because  you  can  always 
count on your braking system. The Tarmac is 
honestly  perfect  for  the  hilly  races  and  this 
was  the  case.  From  the  first  climb,  I  felt  that 
my  legs  were  good.  The  breakaway  went 
away pretty early, and I didn’t have a choice, 
so I had to continue while remaining focused 
on  nutrition  and  hydration.  I  also  knew  I  had 
strong  teammates  backing  me  up.  After  the 
race, I also learned I’ll have a custom paintjob 
Tarmac Disc, and I loved the design right away. 
I am really looking forward to matching my bike 
with my kit.” 

- Anna van der Breggen,  
World Champion

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